Conjugal Visit Romance (Dead Man’s Chest Minute 21)

Dead Man's Chest Episodes Season 2

Dammit Will, kiss the girl! In this third rate, conjugal visit romance of an episode it’s all about the tease and a dirty old man lingering in the shadows. Join us for minute 21 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as we discuss and analyze the hot and heavy, touching and rubbing Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann’s jail cell conversation, Terry Rossio and Ted Elliott’s tension building and setup for an eventual movie kiss, more Curse of the Black Pearl references, the meaning of “properly” when referred to weddings, the meaning of Governor Swann breaking the candle sconce, Weatherby’s lackluster effort to find the jail dog, Elizabeth’s use of the phrase “weather an eye out” and the meaning and origin of this nautical idiom, a classic reference to Citizen Kane and Cheers, and Will Turner’s run in with the Sunburned Sailor, Fisherman (montage), and Scarlett and Giselle on Tortuga.

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