Analyzing, Scrutinizing, and Plundering Pirates of the Caribbean One Blimey Minute at a Time

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In true pirate fashion, we dabble in the flesh trade right out of the gate on this explosive shotgun of an episode that kicks off season 2. Pirates, wenches, prostitutes, Thor, the fake Randolph Scott parodies a late-night version of Tomb Raider, Cotton, Scarlett, and Giselle all make an appearance as we jump on the […]

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It’s a the meanest, most rotten-tempered simian in all the Caribbean and a fitting end to season 1 of Pirates of the Caribbean Minute. Join us for minute 143 of The Curse of the Black Pearl as we announce the future of an expanded show with weekly episodes starting in September 2017 covering all things […]

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It’s an edge of your seat episode on Pirates of the Caribbean Minute wrestling the always scintillating and never disappointing…movie credits. Well, even if we might be stretching the truth, join us for minute 142 of The Curse of the Black Pearl as we correct a very rare error from a previous episode, remember Disney […]

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Is it possible that someone doesn’t know who is the masterful composer and movie theme genius John Williams? The answer to that bloody question is yes and it and it’s all revealed in this blasphemy of an episode of Pirates of the Caribbean Minute. Join us for minute 141 of The Curse of the Black […]

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From fire and brimstone to digital graveyards to walking the plank it’s another movie credits episode of Pirates of the Caribbean Minute. Join us for minute 140 of The Curse of the Black Pearl as wee highlight a clip from the 2017 D23 Expo’s 50th Anniversary Pirates of the Caribbean panel and discuss inferno artists, […]

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Each and every weekend we shake off those movies by minutes constraints and have in depth discussions about all things Pirates of the Caribbean, the expanded universe, Disney Pirates and incorporate real pirate history with all that bloody fun.

  • SEASON 2: WEEKEND EDITION EPISODE begins November 8, 2017
Monday - Friday

Our daily show analyzes, scrutinizes, and plunders the Pirates of the Caribbean films one blimey minute at a time. Each of our weekly episodes is dedicated to one, single minute of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

  • SEASON 1: THE CURSE OF THE BLACK PEARL is now available on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, Black Pearl Minute, Tune In and your favorite podcast app.
  • SEASON 2: DEAD MAN'S CHEST premieres on November 20, 2017

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