About Us

Pirates of the Caribbean Minute is a daily podcast about, well, you guessed it, the Pirates of the Caribbean film series.

Starting with The Curse of the Black Pearl, we breakdown each movie a single minute at a time. You’re invited to join us on this high seas, swashbuckling adventure as we analyze, scrutinize, and plunder Pirates of the Caribbean…and connect back to our childhood and love for the Imagineers who created the original ride at Disneyland that continues to transport adults and kids into the world of pirates.

Pirates of the Caribbean Minute podcast debuted on January 6, 2017.

The Scallywags Behind the Mics

Scott Artis
Former molecular biologist turned wildlife conservationist, founder and Executive Director of Urban Bird Foundation and JournOwl.com, avid Star Wars movie fan and collector, childhood love for and still infatuated with the “man in the rubber suit” Godzilla films, and I distinctly remember getting a pirate hat and eye patch at Disneyland for Pirates of the Caribbean…but no, I’m not a pirate.

Heather Artis
German Shorthaired Pointer aficionado, believes Disneyland truly is the most magical place on earth, burrowing owl conservationist, wine snob who only partakes in reds, has been seen wandering around a Renaissance fair, and will not admit to ever dressing like a pirate….hmmm, I smell pirate!