The Curse of the Black Pearl Minute 102: Ménage a Swordfight

Curse of the Black Pearl Episodes Season 1

It’s a three-way discussion as we tackle a listener’s question regarding the swordfight between Commodore Norrington, Will Turner, and Captain Jack Sparrow. Join us for minute 102 of The Curse of the Black Pearl as we kick things off with a question from the audience about Dead Man’s Chest and jump to a deleted scene that sheds light on Elizabeth Swann’s real intentions behind accepting Commodore Norrington’s proposal of marriage, analyze the ins and outs of Pintel and Ragetti swabbing the deck with a nasty concoction, go back in time to talk a bit of history regarding first rate ships of the line in the Royal British Navy, the building of the real HMS Victory which was the model for the HMS Dauntless, and we end on the ever popular topic of a naked Elizabeth Swann on a ship full of sailors. It’s a crazy Pirates of the Caribbean Minute.

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