Knucklebone Action (Dead Man’s Chest Minute 86)

Dead Man's Chest Episodes Season 2

Just in time for the new unveiling of Redd, Disneyland’s first female pirate on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, we throw down a little knucklebone action and declare that little girls can also grow up to be…pirates. Join us for minute 86 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as we discuss the reopening of the Pirates of the Caribbean ride, the loss of the bride auction, the continuation of the Liar’s Dice game between Will Turner, Davy Jones and Bootstrap Bill Turner, the sacrifice to save Will, the power of the color red, the meaning behind the colored dice, the origin and history of dice and the link to fortunetelling, the heartless Davy Jones’ inability to foresee self-sacrifice, and our daily pirate patches.

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