Captain Calamari (Dead Man’s Chest Minute 62)

Dead Man's Chest Episodes Season 2

Trust the Gorton’s Fisherman and Captain Calamari when you feel the need to smite a chaplain…Blasphemy with a bit of fun and excitement! Join us for minute 62 of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest as we martyr the movie and watch the helmsman sell his soul to Davy Jones. In this episode we discuss the rampant deaths in Disney animated films, biblical and mythological metaphors, the taboo act of killing a man of the cloth, explore the character of Ratlin and the actor behind the scenes, talk Bill Nighy, start an ongoing Davy Jones conversation that includes a list of his nicknames, his fishy look, the tragedy of his job to ferry dead sailors to the afterlife, a handful of Davy Jones behind the scenes facts, check out the Scuttled Ship’s Helmsman and the actor David Keyes, and we ask ourselves the million dollar question: serve 100 years in the service of Davy Jones and the Flying Dutchman or opt for death.

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