The Curse of the Black Pearl Minute 92: Pirates Getting Handsy

Curse of the Black Pearl Episodes Season 1

Things get a bit fresh as we ponder the potential future of Elizabeth Swann returning the “favor” for taking advantage of Captain Barbossa’s hospitality – a cringeworthy future with immortal skeleton pirates getting handsy. It’s minute 92 of the Curse of the Black Pearl as Heather gets stuck on technicalities, we have a heated discussion on the meaning of Barbossa’s sexual connotations and innuendos, identify the proverbial “our hero is believed dead but soon returns with a superman pose” cliché alert, examine the intricately detailed Black Pearl’s torches which may double as weapons useful for the zombie apocalypse, discuss the ominous and heroic nature of the music, discuss Barbossa exercising the upper hand, and question whether or not Will Turner had any other choice besides revealing his name to the cursed crew. Join us for this heated episode of Pirates of the Caribbean Minute.

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