The Curse of the Black Pearl Minute 131: Norrington Pulls His Sword

Curse of the Black Pearl Episodes Season 1

After recovering from the morality card beatdown, Commodore Norrington makes a respectful recovery in this episode of Pirates of the Caribbean Minute. Join us for minute 131 of The Curse of the Black Pearl as we discuss Jack Davenport’s acting, which carries the entire scene, Norrington finally putting Elizabeth Swann ahead of himself, the effective use of silence as a response to Gillette, Will Turner willing to accept the consequences of his actions, Governor Swann’s personal growth and realization that sometimes piracy is the right course and how it pertains to Elizabeth, Gillette’s sole focus on capturing Captain Jack Sparrow, great use of cinematography that uses focusing to emphasize emotions, and our weekly segment Really Bad Eggs – highlighting our favorite lines of the last 5 minutes.

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