The Curse of the Black Pearl Minute 128: Amateur Hangman Happy Ending

Curse of the Black Pearl Episodes Season 1

Hey filthy bilge rats, it’s time for one hell of a swashbuckling episode on Pirates of the Caribbean Minute. Join us for minute 128 of the Curse of the Black Pearl as we sound off on all the classic pirate and adventure maneuvers found in minute 128 of the movie, the similarities between Will Turner and Errol Flynn, showcase our displeasure for Governor Swann’s lack of appreciation towards Will for saving his daughter Elizabeth Swann, talk about the idea that Will is the only real, classic movie pirate in The Curse of the Black Pearl, dive into a bit of Jamaica’s real Fort Charles and its history stretching back to the 17th century, and make our best guess as to why people attended public hangings and wonder if they are any different than people of the 21st century.

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