Is that a Cannon in Your Pants (At World’s End Minutes 9-10)

At World's End Episodes Season 3

Get into your shorty robe, pull out your bones and take that cannon out of your pants as we hit the bath house for a steamy discussion of minutes 9 and 10 of Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End. Join us as we discuss Elizabeth Swann’s punishment for humiliating Tai Huang and her growth from naïve woman to gun toting pirate, walking armory movie tropes, bath house mushrooms mimicking the crew of the Flying Dutchman, analyzing the tattoo pirate, Indiana Jones references, and evidence of the Messiah complex.

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If you’re looking for a podcast that discusses Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise (in a movies by minutes format), integrates historical pirate and the golden age of piracy facts, analyzes and entertains, then Pirates of the Caribbean Minute is for you.

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