The Curse of the Black Pearl Minute 115: That Pinnace Came in Handy

Curse of the Black Pearl Episodes Season 1

It’s that time for a little Commodore Norrington bashing as we revisit his missed opportunity to put the kybosh on the cursed pirate sneak attack. In minute 115 of The Curse of the Black Pearl, we discuss Norrington’s mistake of not sending a longboat to intercept the disguised Pintel and Ragetti, identify the smartest man on the HMS Dauntless, point out a Pirates of the Caribbean ride reference, talk parasailing pirates, delve into history with some wicked cool facts about cannons and boats on the HMS Victory, the ship that inspired the Dauntless, set the record straight regarding the mysterious longboat tied to the stern that allows Elizabeth Swann to escape, pay homage to some artistic cinematography, and entertain Heather’s crackpot cannon ball trajectory ideas. Join us for this episode of Pirates of the Caribbean Minute.

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