Dead Men Tell No Tales – Teaser Trailers Review (Bonus Episode 1)

Bonus Shows Dead Men Tell No Tales Season 1

It’s our first bonus episode and we’re excited to breakdown, analyze, and plunder the first two Dead Men Tell No Tales teaser trailers on the Pirates of the Caribbean Minute. Join us as we discuss Captain Salazar’s need for dental hygiene, a turbo charged creepy theme song, the voodoo skull logo, hidden figures in the flames, and the need for gazebos on 18th century sailing vessels.


  1. NicoleDimond63 February 14, 2017 1:53 am

    Hey guys! Cool reactions! Just wanted to let you know the things I’VE found out about this movie, but I want to warn you now, there are ALOT of potential spoilers, so if you don’t like to be spoiled, stop reading.

    The first ship you see in the teaser trailer is the Silent Mary, Salazar’s ship, and since he is a Pirate Hunter – NOT a pirate, like many people keep calling him – it is most likely he is persuing a pirate ship. This is actually from a flash-back scene, showing what happened when Salazar and Jack first encountered one another, but I’ll get back to that later.
    The rocky outcrop is more of an archipelago of rocky islands, and if you look beyond it, you will see dark clouds and fog as far as the eye can see, with yet more jagged rocks rising from the water. This is actually the Devil’s Triangle, or at least, the outer regions of it. Apparently, a British Navy ship sails into this place – goodness knows why – and a young sailor by the name of Henry Turner (he has been confirmed to be Will Turner’s son), tries to tell his superiors that they shouldn’t be there, and that there is danger coming. Again, it is unclear how he knows all this, but, nevertheless, he is accused of being a total nut-case, and is thrown in the brig.

    The spooky-looking ship that comes out of the mist is, again, the Silent Mary, but she has become more of a ghot-ship after being in the Devil’s Triangle for two decades or more. It’s obvious Salazar purposely attacked that ship simply to give Henry a message; he went straight for the brig, he didn’t go anywhere else, and it will be interesting to know just how he knew Henry was there, and why he chose to spare him.

    Anyway, getting back to Salazar and Jack, apparently, when Jack was 18 years old, he and a few other pirates had an unfortunate encounter with Salazar. The biggest misconception that people make about Salazar is they call him a pirate, but he’s not, he’s a Pirate Hunter, a person who was employed to find and stop those accused of piracy by any means necessary. Evidence of this includes the three Naval/Military medals that he wears, the uniforms that he and his men wear, and his ship, the Silent Mary, has the symbol of the Spanish Imperial Eagle and the Spanish coat of arms on the mainsail, as well as another coat of arms on the stern, meaning he works for the King of Spain. Whatever happened during their first meeting, ended up with Salazar sailing into and becoming trapped in the Devil’s Triangle, and he blames Jack for that.
    Jerry Bruckheimer stated in an interview that this film will feature the largest ship battle ever in a pirates movie, with up to twelve ships hashing it out. Salazar hates pirates, in fact, he swore to kill every pirate at sea, and the only thing that can stop him is the Trident of Poseidon, which is a weapon that allows the person who wields it to control the seas.
    Will Turner IS back in this movie, but Elizabeth only has a cameo appearance. There is talk that this movie will focus more on Captain Salazar and Henry (Brenton Thwaites) as well as the new female lead, Kaya Scodelario, who plays Carina Smyth, and Henry’s love-interest. Gibbs is also returning, as is Barbossa, Scrum, and Marty.
    Norrington isn’t in this film because he was killed in the third movie.

    By the way, apparently Salazar’s full name was revealed recently to be Armando Salazar.

    • Captain Jack Sparrow February 14, 2017 2:52 pm

      Wow! Great information you found on the upcoming movie! You’re definitely our pirate correspondent of the week. We were definitely trying to walk a fine line in the episode as to avoid spoilers, but for our next bonus episode on the trailer released during the Super Bowl we might venture a bit more down that road…we’ll just give people a heads up that spoilers are to come (or minor spoilers to come). Your research will come in handy for sure and look forward to giving you a shout out on the show. Thanks for listening!!

      • February 17, 2017 8:48 pm

        Lol, thanks 🙂 My favourite character in the first four films would have to be Barbossa, but now I think Salazar has taken over that role. I find him already to be a much better villain than Davy Jones, in fact, I didn’t even think Jones was scary, but this guy has the potential to scare the shit out of you. Anyone who disagrees clearly has not seen Javier Bardem play a bad guy.
        Everyone keeps going on about how excited they are about Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom coming back, but I care more about the new characters. I also don’t like it when people start comparing this film to the previous four; I mean, the movie hasn’t even come out yet, we know nothing about it or how it will be written, so we have no right to judge.

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